On the horizon…

Hey everyone. I know it’s Friday the 13th and all but to be honest 13 is a good number for me. My birthday falls on a 13, I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, among other “13’s”, so contrary to superstitions, I’m good with Friday the 13th.

I wanted to let you all know that next week we will find out if the first brave and amazing soul to go through all the testing will be a match or not. Today they went and did everything at UW Madison, luckily with awesome supporters by their side. Right now I’m asking for prayers if you believe in such, and however you may. ?

In the meantime we are still seeking donations to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to transplant. As many of you are aware the costs can be fairly large, and there is a lot that is unknown. The estimated $30,000 is if everything goes perfectly, not incorporating potential setbacks or beyond. Your support is vital to making this happen, and I want to again thank those who have supported and continue to support during this bump in the road.

I also ask that if you are still interested or considering being my living kidney donor to continue that process. You can never have enough lined up in this type of situation.

To donate in any way please go to the links above. Lastly if you could please share this post/page it would be ever so greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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