Updates and MORE thanks are in order!


I wanted to post more thank you’s regarding the July 8th benefit.  The turnout was amazing and it was very nice to see everyone!  I have said thank you a lot recently, and I certainly do not want to wear out the value of thank you, but when I say it, I truly mean THANK YOU!  You have provided my family with a very gracious amount of peace-of-mind.  Each and every one of you are a blessing to me and my family.  To my family who organized and made this whole event happen: You are the best! (but in Gwen’s voice, because she’s sweeter, and she says this all the time).

I just want to make sure it is known that I have the greatest family that could ever exist!  I am so lucky in so many ways…


I will update the thank you list, get cards out, post pictures, as time permits.  It is a very busy month and we are just under 30 days before the scheduled transplant. I will note that we do not have every single person’s name who attended the benefit.  I will do my best to get each and every one of you on my list and I want to get you a card.  If I forget you, do not hesitate to shoot me an email.  I have a ton going on so I apologize.  I am a big supporter of individual thank you’s, if possible.  It means a lot to me and I feel it would mean a lot to you too!

I received a call to schedule my pre-op today 7/11/18. It will be July 24th for about four hours starting with labs and an EKG at 11:30am. I’ll then go to the transplant clinic to get checked out, obtain additional education about the surgery and after care, meet with the surgeon, social worker, outpatient pharmacy, my coordinator, and go over any clinical trials that I’m eligible for.

From there as long as all is well the transplant will still be August 8th, sometime early in the morning. The hospital will put us up in a nearby hotel the night before, and then it all goes from there. The surgery should take around 3-4 hours, and it appears I’ll be released by Sunday the 12th, should everything go well.

More to come.

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