End of August Update

Hello Everyone,

I have updated the Thank You list and I am working on getting the physical Thank You cards out.  I am writing each of them by hand so they are coming!  I have attached a few pictures below, some from the July benefit, some of me and what I’m dealing with right now, and the very last picture is of the actual kidney I received from my Aunt, very cool!  I am doing good otherwise.  My numbers are being adjusted and we are working on that with the cocktail of medications.  It will be an adjustment for a while, but for the better of course!  I will keep updating the website as time permits, but the Facebook Group is going to be the best spot for regular updates.

I go back on the 29th of this month to get the staples and stent removed, go over Medicare/sign-up, pharmacy, and check everything out.  I am healing well and my movement improves each day.

I must say the staff at UW Hospitals are amazing!  They made it very comfortable and easy-going, and I couldn’t have asked for better care!  All of the staff on every level were very professional and helpful.

A few days after surgery!


Just some of my medications keeping the kidney and ME going!

The ACTUAL Kidney!

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