December 2018 Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide an update. It’s been quite busy in the Wruck household lately, especially after November 16th, when we welcomed our beautiful Winry Kristine into the world. She came in at 7:36 AM, 8lbs 3.4oz, 21.5”. She and Mom are doing great! We had a little bit of an issue initially with jaundice, but that has since cleared up. She is alert as ever, and as sweet as can be! Her sister and brother love her, and even the family dog, Lola, loves and checks on her quite often! Smart dog!

As for me, I am doing well. I am still having some issues with side effects from the medications, but I am hoping it is a specific medication causing the majority of the problems. That medication is tacrolimus. As of December 12th I have begun infusions of Belatacept, to eventually replace the tacrolimus. The Belatacept is supposed to be less toxic to the kidney, and have less side effects. It also means I won’t have to take the additional pills each day, since Belatacept will eventually become a maintenance infusion of once every 28 days. It only takes 30 minutes for each infusion too, which is great!

Beyond these two updates, everything is going just as crazy as it always has been in the Wruck household. But it is a good crazy, and worth every second! I hope everyone has a good December and Happy Holiday’s!

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